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Website designing is all about aesthetics – how your business front appears in front of a customer when they land on your product page and the impression it is able to leave on their mind. There is SEO to consider and catchy graphics to include. Website Re-design Support
But there is one other element that unfortunately, most website owners and developers tend to ignore – conversion worthiness.

Putting up a flashy business front will never be enough if the glitz and glamour is unable to convert visitors into customers. Team The Conversions takes a totally different approach, getting client websites to rise above subjective aesthetics, moving into the realm of data driven design aimed at conversions.

At The Conversions, we believe that websites should be based on so much more than the elusive ‘gut feel’ and personal preferences of business owners. We create websites that sell – with the required usability, conversion factors and persuasion potential to make it a successful online venture rather than just being a formality. Our designs are based on data from your current site, know-how about visitors and potential customers (along with their perceptions and irrationalities), and real world solutions to designing requirements that are implemented in phases to extract maximum functionality and results. For web development that is Conversion Rate Optimized, we are the go-to guys.

Get in touch with us if you think this result-oriented and conversion driven web design philosophy is fitting for your online presence. We can definitely help you achieve great success!

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